Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles Kickstarter is gettin GOOOOOOOD!

A couple of weeks ago one of my favourite companies, Dwarven Forge, began a Kickstarter campaign to promote their new line of gaming terrain called Game Tiles. I know it’s kind of late to mention it (I was moving and I’ve been super busy at work these days, yadda, yadda, yadda…), but fear not! As of this posting, there are still 12 days remaining to get in on this awesome deal!

One set of Game Tiles (stretch goal items are not available at this level)

Two sets showing stretch goal pieces (to date)

The idea is that they’re trying to get miniatures terrain into the hands of the gamer masses by producing a less expensive line of product. Creating the molds is expensive (hence the Kickstarter effort) but once that’s done, making the pieces will be much more cost effective especially since they’ll make them in bulk. That being said, the initial $50,000 they were hoping to attain was funded in only 3 hours! Currently the pledge total is over $760,000 and growing rapidly!

The basic set includes 34 pieces of gaming terrain (floors, walls, corner pieces, and door pieces). Something new to Dwarven Forge is that they offer both painted and unpainted sets. Let your creative side take over and paint some up yourself!

Some examples of unpainted pieces

If you fund for 2 or more sets, you’ll be eligible to receive all the *free* stretch goals and you’ll be able to purchase the add-on packs. That’s a no brainer because the freebies are added for each and every set you back. So if you pledge for 5 sets, you’ll get 5 of each stretch goal! The total number of pieces really starts to add up as each stretch goal is attained. And did I mention the variety of pieces that are included from the stretch goals? Pillars, curved wall, angles wall, and oodles of other specialty pieces are just a few examples (some of which need to still be unlocked by reaching the appropriate funding levels). With or without the extras pieces, this is a great deal. Oh who am I kidding? C’MON MORE FREEBIES!

Demon Door stretch goal

Straight wall with window stretch goal

Curved wall (and back piece) stretch goal

So if you’ve ever wanted to get (or even just considered getting) some of Dwarven Forge’s industry leading terrain products, get in now while the gettin’s good! This Kickstarter ends on April 30th.

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