Friday, August 31, 2012

Low Life Miniatures by Andy Hopp

Hot on the heels of the over-the-top successful Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter, another awesome miniatures Kickstarter project is starting to pick up some good momentum and well into some nice goals now:

Low Life Miniatures by Andy Hopp

I don't know how to explain them. You just have to take a look at 'em yourself. I personally really like them. They're just... different. I like to add a bit of light humour every so often in my games and plan to use these minis.

The actual minis aren't done yet, but here's a drawing of one of my favourites. It's called the Coblin. A (corn on the) Cob/Goblin:


This might be a tough sell if you recently sunk some serious gold pieces into the 
Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter but I thought I'd just mention it cuz I think the minis are going to be awesomely both funny and cool!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Dwarven Forge Catacombs Set

Well, they did it. Dwarven Forge has raised the bar with their gaming terrain sets and will be releasing their new Catacombs Set (not sure of the actual release date yet though). This set looks fantastic and has some way cool new features that other (past) sets of theirs don't have. There's no "official" picture of the pieces yet, but here's one that jls304 posted on the Dwarven Forge forum page. It's from the Dwarven Forge booth at GenCon:

Catacombs Set (from jls304 on the Dwarven Forge forums)

I seriously can't wait to get my hands on this set. There's a brand new design for the floor tiles. The folks at DF have added electronic "flickering torch lights" using LED's in the corner pieces (given the size of the "flame", it looks more like a small forge or a brazier to me) and they've designed some freestanding walls that can be placed anywhere - even vertically on top of other walls to add depth to the rooms. Side note, as cool as the stackable wall idea is, I'm kinda bummed that they did this because this was an idea I had a long time ago and wanted to implement in one of my creations, but I just never had the time to do it.... oh well - I'll get over it! :)

Here's a short video clip of the set from Dwarven Forge: