Monday, February 3, 2014

Ellus Mann miniature with flickering flame

Here's the latest project I've been working on - painting the Reaper miniature, Ellus Mann. I also replaced the pewter flame in his hand with a flickering light (LED) effect:

The video doesn't show the brightness of the flame flicker very well. It looks better in person.
Here's a still shot:

Ellus Mann, man!

This project took some careful drilling to run the wires from the base (where the battery is located) through the foot to the tiny LED that is embedded in the hand.

Running wires through the figure (the LED isn't wired up yet).

I cut off the top of a Dwarven Forge column piece to mount the figure on and used another slice to hide the battery and flicker circuitry. A tiny switch is installed at the back of the base to turn the flame LED on and off.

Primed mini showing the battery and flicker circuity in the bottom part of the base.

The flame is made out of clear silicone caulking and painted orange, yellow, and red.

Painted and showing the bottom.

Hope you like it. Please leave a comment below. Thanks for looking!