Monday, February 18, 2013

New Dwarven Forge Set! Hellscape II

Another great set is available from Dwarven Forge: the Den of Evil Hellscape II. Looks like they they're trying a new way of selling this set. The main set has only eight pieces in it and costs $99 USD. Other sets at that price point offer more pieces which makes this set more expensive on a cost per piece basis. Sure the other sets pieces are smaller, but some have 16+ base pieces like the Ruins Set. Hey, I'm not complaining - just stating. Like that's going to stop me from buying it anyways. Heck, I ordered all the new pieces as soon as I got the newsletter!

Here's a pic of the pieces in the main set:

And some closeups of a couple of them:

The "new thing" that DF is doing is to offer some additional pieces that you can buy "a la carte". This allows the customer the ability to buy whatever pieces he or she wants. And who wouldn't want all of them? They're fantastic! These extra five pieces range in price from $12 to $39 USD.

Hellscape to Den of Evil conversion piece

Hellscape to cavern conversion piece

Hellscape straight wall with stairs

Hellscape plumes

Hellscape gate

As always, these pieces look great and I can't wait to get them in my hand to get a closer look!

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