Friday, August 31, 2012

Low Life Miniatures by Andy Hopp

Hot on the heels of the over-the-top successful Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter, another awesome miniatures Kickstarter project is starting to pick up some good momentum and well into some nice goals now:

Low Life Miniatures by Andy Hopp

I don't know how to explain them. You just have to take a look at 'em yourself. I personally really like them. They're just... different. I like to add a bit of light humour every so often in my games and plan to use these minis.

The actual minis aren't done yet, but here's a drawing of one of my favourites. It's called the Coblin. A (corn on the) Cob/Goblin:


This might be a tough sell if you recently sunk some serious gold pieces into the 
Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter but I thought I'd just mention it cuz I think the minis are going to be awesomely both funny and cool!


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