Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Old School character sheets

I love seeing other people's documents from their past adventures. A few weekends ago, my friend (and Original Dungeon Master) and I got a chance to hang out for the first time in a long time. We caught up a bit and of course chatted about D&D (for some reason we didn't actually play though). He broke out some of his old maps and character sheets from a game he used to play many, many years ago (did I say many? Because it was MANY!). Anyway, he's shown them to me before, but I always enjoy hearing about his adventures as he reminisces about his old game while we hunch over his maps and old notes.

He's the one who introduced me to the game. Keep in mind that that was around.... oh let's just say if my D&D game was a dog, it'd be over 200 years old. Off and on over the years we've kept this one game going. More off these days than on, but technically, it's still alive. After seeing him and looking at his old stuff, it got me thinking I should post some of the papers from the game I'm playing with him. I consider posting more stuff later, but for now, here are my character sheets (incase it's hard to read, the stats are, in order from top to bottom: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity, Charisma, Comeliness, Perception, and Ego):

Tauron and Radagast met each other in a bar in the city of Nyrook. Radagast was getting beat up by some rowdy half orcs when Tauron came in and rescued him. Soon after, the two met Trose and Elros. The four adventured for a long while and one day, while traveling through the Dim Forest, they encountered a goblin tribe led by an ogre. They had this HUGE man named Daron as prisoner. He joined our group also. Later on after more adventuring, we met Thorin and convinced him to join us.

I know this is a quick and dirty post, but I just wanted to get this off my "to do" list. Looking over these sheets and all my old notes brings back some great memories.....

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