Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random D&D Type Stuff

I was rummaging through the garage today doing a bit of cleaning and I found this map from an old Intellivision video game from the 80's called Swords & Serpents by a company called Imagic.

Swords & Serpents map of the first dungeon level

                       Swords & Serpents Box                                                                                    Screen shot

I remember playing this game for hours and hours at my friends house back in the day. On the last level of the dungeon there was a huge dragon that would never die no matter what we did to it. To this day we joke about how that game never had an ending (at least that we could figure out).     Good times....

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  1. I loved my Intellivision.

    There was a post on this topic at

    (have to scroll down a bit or just search the page for "Brian P. Dougherty")

    Basically there was no killing of the dragon because the creator ran out of space on the ROM. Ah, the good ol' days of early gaming :)