Friday, February 10, 2012

It took that long? Really?

Welcome to The Dungeon Workshop. I've been meaning to start a blog for over, oh I don't know, about 7 to 10 months now but I just couldn't come up with a title that I liked that wasn't already taken. But after staring at the things that I make for a while, "The Dungeon Workshop" just came to me.

What is it I do, you ask? Stuff. In a workshop (well actually my garage and den). I... I.... hmmm. What do I do? Mostly I dabble in modifying gaming terrain pieces that are made from a kool, little company called Dwarven Forge. Lately I've also started making some of my own terrain pieces. It's just a fun little hobby.

However this blog isn't about just that. It's about role playing games (Dungeons & Dragons, Labyrinth Lord, miniatures, dice, et al.), hockey, video games, music, movies, books, hiking, electronics, astronomy, other various crap I find interesting. Stuff like dat.

Hope you enjoy!


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